Change Foreign Currency into Australian Dollars

These are the currencies we are currently accepting in store. 

CurrencyExchange Rate
Brazillian Real4.4797 BRL buys $1 AUD
British Pounds0.5736 GBP buys $1 AUD
Brunei Dollars1.1848 BND buys $1 AUD
Cambodian Riels3565.0624 KHR buys $1 AUD
Canadian Dollars0.9971 CAD buys $1 AUD
Chilean Peso658.7513 CLP buys $1 AUD
Chinese Yuan5.363 CNY buys $1 AUD
Colombian Peso3297.1 COP buys $1 AUD
Croatian Kuna5.2297 HRK buys $1 AUD
Czech Koruna17.9143 CZK buys $1 AUD
Danish Krone5.2055 DKK buys $1 AUD
Egyptian Pounds13.7696 EGP buys $1 AUD
Euro0.6745 EUR buys $1 AUD
Fiji Dollars1.7159 FJD buys $1 AUD
Hong Kong Flag
Hong Kong Dollars6.4513 HKD buys $1 AUD
Hungarian Forint249.189 HUF buys $1 AUD
Iceland Krone108.7311 ISK buys $1 AUD
Indian Rupees65.2442 INR buys $1 AUD
Indonesian Rupiah12040 IDR buys $1 AUD
Israeli Shekels2.695 ILS buys $1 AUD
Japan Yen89.5909 JPY buys $1 AUD
Jordan Dinar0.6238 JOD buys $1 AUD
Kenyan Schillings97.1628 KES buys $1 AUD
Kuwait Dinar0.2651 KWD buys $1 AUD
Macau Pataca7.035 MOP buys $1 AUD
Malaysian Ringitt3.6431 MYR buys $1 AUD
Mauritian Rupees35.9695 MUR buys $1 AUD
Mexican Peso18.1919 MXN buys $1 AUD
Moroccan Dirham7.8405 MAD buys $1 AUD
Nepal Rupee110.5217 NPR buys $1 AUD
New Zealand Dollar1.0956 NZD buys $1 AUD
Norwegian Krone7.632 NOK buys $1 AUD
Oman Rial0.3388 OMR buys $1 AUD
Pakistan Rupee147.477 PKR buys $1 AUD
Philippine Peso42.6929 PHP buys $1 AUD
Poland Zloty3.3778 PLN buys $1 AUD
Russian Rubles64.0448 RUR buys $1 AUD
Saudi Arabia Riyal3.3002 SAR buys $1 AUD
Singapore Dollars1.0947 SGD buys $1 AUD
South African Rand12.6217 ZAR buys $1 AUD
South Korean Won943.4906 KRW buys $1 AUD
Sri Lanka Rupees147.3177 LKR buys $1 AUD
Swedish Krone7.5764 SEK buys $1 AUD
Swiss Francs0.7667 CHF buys $1 AUD
Thai Baht26.4264 THB buys $1 AUD
Turkish Lire7.6979 TRL buys $1 AUD
UAE Dirhams3.0526 AED buys $1 AUD
USA Flag
United States Dollars0.7873 USD buys $1 AUD
Vietnam Dong20328 VND buys $1 AUD

Use the “Search” field to find the currency you need to change. Eg Type US.

Click on a Currency/Rate to Lock in a Buy Back rate or Calculate an amount. 

Here is the full list of currencies we can currently purchase.