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Purchase United States Dollars with Australian Dollars. Your amount will round to 1 United States Dollars. We will provide you with a mix of denominations. If you need something specific please enter a comment at the bottom of the checkout page.

With the recent strength of the Australian Dollar the US has become one of the biggest destinations for Australian holiday makers. Whether they are just going to Hawaii or continuing to the mainland for LA, Vegas, New York and beyond Australians are flocking to the US.

Shopping in Hawaii (Ala Moana shopping centre is a favourite), theme parks in LA (Disneyland and Universal Studios), Seinfeld tours in New York or even Meteor Crater in Arizona – there is so much to see.

Using cash in the US feels much like at home – except it is still paper money! – but there are a few things to bear in mind. Tipping is the biggest of these – it is so alien to Aussies but a way of life in the US. In restaurants tipping is generally not included (but the bill will say if it is) but is 100% expected – at around 10-15%. This is similar in cabs. It used to be that $1 bills were a good tip but this can often be an insult now depending on the service provided. Luckily Americans themselves have made our life a bit easier by circumventing tipping circumstances. For instance tipping isn’t expected at fast food restaurants without table service and most hotels now let you take your own bags to your room.

We keep a large stock of US Dollars (in a range of denominations) so you don’t usually need to order them in advance, but that can be a good idea if you are after a larger amount or are travelling at a busy time. We pride ourselves in always having a stock of US Dollars but when the rate spikes upwards and everyone rushes in this can get tricky – we usually only sell out of US dollars once or twice a year though. We can get call denominations except $2 bills, these are generally not in circulation in the US and so are always in short supply. We do try to keep a stock of $1 bills but do limit the sale of these per customer – we find that 10 per customer is usually enough because as soon as you spend $7 and pay with a $20 bill you can get 13 back in change. We will always give you a mix of denominations suitable for your destination- we won’t just give you $100 bills – this usually means you will get 50s, 20s and 10s with a few 1s or 5s to round a number off. We’ve found that customers who ask for 50 $1 bills for the US tend to bring back at least as many as they take!

ATMs will be available in most cities and in most smaller towns. All ATMs will dispense local currency. For your Cash Passport we recommend loading US Dollars as it is one of the currencies available on the card. You will be able to use your Cash Passport card in all shops – anywhere the MasterCard logo is displayed.

Please note that we we only purchase US notes from 2004 and newer. The older notes had less security features and subsequently there are a lot of counterfeit notes around from those days that are hard to detect. We don’t want to risk sending our customers overseas with counterfeit notes. It’s also worth noting that many overseas countries have refused to exchange old US bills (such as Indonesia and African countries). By being fussier than some exchange places we are able to recycle our currency and keep the price down.

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