South African Rand ($1 = 9.367 ZAR)

Purchase South African Rand with Australian Dollars. Your amount will round to 50 South African Rand. We will provide you with a mix of denominations. If you need something specific please enter a comment at the bottom of the checkout page.

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We will provide you with a mix of denominations. If you need something specific please enter a comment at the bottom of the checkout page.

There is an import/export restriction of 25,000 Rand per person.

South Africa’s main tourist draw is wildlife safaris. Sports tourism is also growing after being hosts of the 2010 World Cup and also regular cricket tours. Also a lot of Australians mix their holiday up with a visit to friends and family who mainly live in South Africa’s cities.

We keep a stock of South African Rand, but it is best to order them in advance if you can – especially if you are travelling with a group. We usually keep a range of denominations.

It is important to consider security while traveling through Africa. Try not to carry large amounts of money on you – and definitely be subtle about the money or jewellery you have. Even the tourist areas still have high levels of poverty. Money belts and using hotel safes should be enough to keep your valuables safe. You should consider taking a Cash Passport Card ξwith you for emergenciesξ(even with a low balance)ξ- the emergency assistance and ability to get funds quickly can give you great piece of mind.

ATMs will be available in most cities but may be limited beyond the city limits. All ATMs will dispense local currency. If you are taking a Cash Passport to South Africa it is best to load your funds in Australian dollars. Many of the main tourist hotels have an ATM in the lobby. This is a safer environment to withdraw your cash. We have also been told by a customer that some gas stations have enclosed areas to help with privacy whilst using the ATM.

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February 15, 2019, 9:30 am $9.343

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