Price History and Rate Alerts

In order to keep you as informed as possible we have included Rate History and Rate Alerts for each currency.

To access these simply click on a currency and scroll down to the description. The “Price History” tab will show you graphs and historical prices.  These include Current, Highest, Lowest and Average rate as well as the last 5 day’s rates. 

You can also select “Set Price Drop Alert” to request an email alert. If the rate reaches the level that you want we will automatically email you so you can place an order without missing out. For example if the US Dollar rate is 0.7585 and you hope to buy it at 0.77 you can place a rate alert and as soon as the rate reaches 0.77 we will let you know. Please note that this is not a guarantee as rates move up and down everyday.    

This information is updated at 9.30am each day.