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Japanese Yen

Using Cash in Japan
In many places in Japan cash is still king – especially when buying food, outside the main cities, or using one of the many and varied vending machines. Many smaller food outlets are cash only and have signs showing this. All note sizes are readily acceptable, but taking a mix is usually preferable.
Hotels will have room safes so you can keep your money secure and just take out what you need for the day’s activities. 

We always keep a stock of Japanese Yen but do occasionally run out so it is best to place an order – especially if you need a larger amount. We keep 10,000 (about $125 equivalent) and 5,000 (about $60) and 1000 (about $12) notes. Below that are coins which we don’t stock. 

ATMs in Japan

There are not as many ATMs in Japan as you would expect. This is worse outside of the cities and in Ski Resorts. You need to look out for 7 Eleven and the Post Office where they are located. Also, you need to be aware of additional charges that may apply – from the machine and your bank. These can really add up on small withdrawals.  

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