Fee Free Currency Exchange

Indonesian Rupiah - "Bali Money"!

Using Cash in Bali
Outside the hotels and malls cash is still king in Bali – especially when buying food or at the markets.
Most hotels and guesthouses will have room safes so you can keep your money secure and just take out what you need for the day’s activities. 

We always keep a stock of Indonesian Rupiah but do occasionally run out so it is best to place an order – especially if you need a larger amount. We mainly have 100,000 (about $10 equivalent) and 50,000 (about $5 equivalent) notes. We usually have a small amount of the tiny notes (20,000 and smaller) but these aren’t really that necessary on arrival. 

Visa Payments

You no longer need to pay for your Visa on Arrival in Indonesia – it is included in your airfare.

ATMs in Bali
There are ATMs in Bali but do beware of additional charges that may apply – from the machine and your bank. These can really add up on small withdrawals. 

If you have any questions get in touch.