At The Currency Exchange we really want your foreign currency which is why we will give you more Australian Dollars back for your foreign currency notes than any of our local competitors.

Because we keep a stock of currency we always like to buy more in so we can sell it on to our departing customers. This means that we always try to have the best buy rates for foreign currency in the local area. We regular check our competitors margins to ensure this and whenever someone is walking around checking rates they end up coming back to us and tell us that we will give them more money than anywhere else they have checked. Most people that change foreign currency to Aussie regularly just come straight to us!

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All that we ask is that your notes are in a good condition (ie no tape, are not ripped, aren't dirty). We won't sell notes of this quality to our customers and so are unable to buy them in. We also only purchase US notes from 2004 and newer. The older notes had less security features and subsequently there are a lot of counterfeit notes around from those days that are hard to detect. Again, we don't want to risk sending our customers overseas with counterfeit notes. It's also worth noting that many overseas countries have refused to exchange old US bills (such as Indonesia and African countries). By being fussier than some exchange places we are able to recycle our currency and keep the price down. 

We really want your left over travel money!

To prove this we make sure that our buy rates (the rate to buy from you) beat all of the bank rates - plus we don't charge any fees. We regularly check the banks' rates to make sure that you will always receive more money for your foreign cash with us than anywhere else.

We encourage you to perform your own price checks (all of these banks rates are available online) as we are confident that we will give you more money back for your foreign cash than anywhere in the vicinity of our shops.

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