At The Currency Exchange we don't charge any fees for foreign exchange transactions. We also strive to have very competitive rates - often the best - so that you always know that by coming to The Currency Exchange you will be getting value for money.

Unlike some of our competitors, the rates that you see on our website are the rates that you will get in our stores - so you won't get any nasty surprises when you come in to see us. We also have the same rates for cash and prepaid cards.

We don't have time limited special deals or "cheap Tuesday" style promotions, neither do we match rates - we believe that it is better and fairer to our customers to have good rates and no fees all year around. In fact we find that any rate matching that occurs is our competitors matching our rates - why not just come straight to us!

The rates in our currency converter are our live retail rates which are updated between 9 and 9.30 am daily, Monday to Friday. Our Friday rates are used on weekends and public holidays. To find out the rates that we sell currency and Cash Passports to you, use the tab labelled "Sell to you". To find out how much you will get in Australian dollars for your foreign currency, use the tab labelled "Buy from you".


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