At The Currency Exchange wherever possible we make sure that we have the maximum team members available to meet the flow of customers. Our Wollongong store has 3 teller windows and our Warringah Mall store has 2 teller windows - both are fully staffed 90% of the time we are open.  

This means that: 

  • We don't close for lunch
  • We don't close when one team member requires a comfort break
  • Personal and Holiday Leave is always covered adequately
  • We have a full team available from opening time to closing time 
  • Queues are kept to a minimum  

We know that your time is important to you and endeavour to make your transactions with us fast and efficient but also courteous and friendly. 

We are always innovating to speed up our systems and help us to service as many customers as possible each day. Some examples of this are our Pre-Ordering and Pre-Paying services as well as reloading Cash Passport Cards via Bpay.

Place an Order for Foreign Currency
Purchase a Cash Passport Card
Reload your Cash Passport Card