Order Currency

We keep a minimum of 30 currencies on hand at a time, usually around 40. Even if we don't have it on hand straight away we can get hold of over 50 currencies - in a couple of days at most. We can also buy in any of these currencies if you have some left over from a trip or are visiting Australia from overseas. We source our foreign cash from one of the largest Foreign Exchange companies in the world and this means that we have access to a huge number of currencies.

Below is the list of the currencies we currently trade in. This list does change from time to time and is up to date as of 1/07/17.

To make things even better we won't charge you a cent to convert your Aussie dollars into foreign currency or vice versa. Click here for more details and our full list of fees and charges.

Also, because we keep a stock of currencies on hand this means that we want your foreign cash. To prove this we will give you more Aussie cash back than any of the banks - click here for more information.