At The Currency Exchange we don’t charge any fees to change your money into another currency. This is both for foreign cash and for the MasterCard Cash Passport Prepaid Travel Money Cards.

So if you are buying money for your next holiday or have foreign currency from overseas that you want to change in to Australian dollars we won’t charge you a cent to change it.

Most of the banks in Australia will charge you a fee of 1% (plus up to $10) per currency to change your money. This means that if you have several currencies to change or have a larger amount you can be losing quite a bit of money in commissions. Some institutions will also charge you a delivery fee on top of their commission.

And don’t forget that we have a huge range of currencies available on demand and Cash Passport Cards, so you won’t even have to wait for your foreign money! We keep as many new (or nearly new) notes as possible in a range of denominations.   

To make sure that you don’t pay any commission the next time that you need foreign exchange, come to The Currency Exchange in Wollongong Central or Warringah Mall.

As you can see we try to keep our fees to a minimum even though our margins are very low. Our competitors often refuse to believe that we don't charge fees for the majority of our services and may try to convince you that we do. All we ask is that you ask us directly and we will tell you the truth about our low or non-existent fees.

When we are buying notes from you all that we ask is that your notes are in a good condition (ie no tape, are not ripped, aren't dirty). We won't sell notes of this quality to our customers and so are unable to buy them in. We also only purchase US notes from 2004 or newer. The older notes had less security features and subsequently there are a lot of counterfeit notes around from those days that are hard to detect. Again, we don't want to risk sending our customers overseas with counterfeit notes. It's also worth noting that many overseas countries have refused to exchange old US bills (such as Indonesia and African countries). By being fussier than some exchange places we are able to recycle our currency and keep the price down.