At The Currency Exchange in Wollongong and Northern Beaches Currency in Brookvale we strive to give you the best service you will receive from a currency exchange anywhere in the world.

The Currency Exchange bureaux are located in Warringah Mall, Brookvale and Wollongong. It is a family owned business with industry experience going back over 40 years. 

The brand The Currency Exchange was created in 2010 when we started to trade under our own name rather than as a franchise of a multi-national company. This has allowed us more freedom in our operations and means that we can pass on cost savings to our customers in our prices and service levels that are no longer restricted by national policies. When we changed names everything else remained the same - same great locations, same great teams, same great prices. 

In 2016 we started to use the name Northern Beaches Currency at our Warringah Mall store.  
We are an agent of MasterCard and stock and sell their Cash Passport cards - Multi Currency Prepaid Travel Cards. As individual locations we are amongst the highest selling agents of Cash Passport Cards - we've achieve this by maintaining unparalleled levels of product knowledge and customer service.

In our pricing we have eliminated fees for our customers wherever possible and regularly check our rates to maintain competitive pricing whilst also keeping the largest range of stock on hand in each of our local markets.

Our company philosophy is all about making things as easy as possible - for our customers and our team. We are constantly innovating and actively seek input to continually improve. Customer service is extremely important to us and as our team is our public face we have put systems into place to help them reach and maintain customer service excellence. If you have any suggestions, feedback, praise or complaints you can contact us on our store contacts or use our feedback page.

The Currency Exchange is owned and operated by Ian Spight Pty Ltd. As a family business we have currency exchange in our blood - we have many years of experience in the Foreign Exchange industry (Ian - over 45, Paul - over 20 and Sandra - nearly 20).

Our brand - "The Currency Exchange" - has existed since 2010 when we became an independent chain after having been a franchise of Travelex for 5 years. These bureaux were also previously branded Thomas Cook Foreign Exchange - many of our team have experience dating back to this time.